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Now we are ready to implement the authentication logic.

Graph QL specification doesn’t tell you how to implement the authentication logic and doesn’t even require you to have one—it’s up to the developer.

In the example mutation above, we are asking a server to authenticate the user via their email address in this way: That’s all we need to know about mutations from the theory side.

There is no restriction for the databases you are connecting. You can still upload the JDBC driver and get connected ! You can run Db Schema on all operating systems: Windows, Linux, MAC.

A hitchhiker’s guide to developing Graph QL applications with Rails on the back-end side and React/Apollo on the front-end side.

For that, we’re going to add a panel showing a user’s name if he is logged in and “Sign In” button otherwise: .

From the first look, the mutation class looks like a regular Rails controller, but it has one significant advantage: it’s strongly typed and validates input data according to its schema for us.

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