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Kramer's date with a lab technician results in strange test results for Rudy Giuliani.George is uncertain about whether his job interview was successful or not, so he decides to go into the office and act like an employee while the boss is on vacation.George tells his ex-girlfriend the truth about why he ended their relationship; as a result, she checks herself into a mental institution.While Kramer is dating Elaine's roommate, Kramer sees Elaine naked.Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver but is attracted to her and begins dating her; he later learns her victim was a longtime quarry and dates the latter as well.Kramer begins having seizures whenever he hears Mary Hart's voice.Jerry inadvertently reintroduces Elaine's boyfriend, a recovering alcoholic, to liquor.Each of the four principal characters has a unique experience during a subway ride.

Kramer thinks he has discovered a genetic engineering experiment, a "pig man". Jerry and Elaine suspect that Kramer has made a bad investment in a non-fat yogurt shop, when they gain weight.

Kramer recounts an incident in which Newman and he were spat on during a New York Mets game.

Jerry becomes jealous when Keith Hernandez begins dating Elaine.

Elaine and Jerry buy a television as a wedding gift for "The Drake" but when the wedding is called off his fiancée.

Jerry and George begin casting for their pilot, Jerry which is finally ready. The NBC executive Russell becomes obsessed with Elaine. George tells Jerry about his lack of confidence below "the equator" when he thinks that his girlfriend is "faking" it.

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