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This is consistent with the Audiophile Ideal: Tone controls provide one with only the grossest ability to shape the sound; if one is interested in accurate reproduction, it is not a good idea gratuitously to alter the overall frequency response of the system.More importantly, tone controls insert otherwise unnecessary components into the signal path: This tends to result in the introduction of colorations, even when the controls are set to 'flat'.(These sorts of amps generally require extremely efficient speakers.) Now, there are two major differences between high-end and consumer amps.First, high-end amps are actually designed to drive speakers, not just to produce impressive measurements on the test bench. What is much more important is the amount of current an amplfier is capable of delivering, given the requirements of the speaker, and how much control the amplifier has over the load it is driving.(The speaker itself is fighting the amplifier all the time: It's a resistive, and sometimes reactive, load.) A good high-end amp will typically deliver a great deal more current than a consumer one, providing it with much more control over the behavior of the speaker (and a greater ability to react properly to variations in the impedence presented by the speaker).

For example, there are usually no tone controls (bass, treble, and assorted buttons).

But one gets tight, solid bass only if that cabinet is largely non-resonant, well-braced and made of relatively rigid materials.

The larger the cabinet, the harder, and more expensive, that is to pull off.

One thing which should be said about high-end speakers is that they are often small, and can sound a bit lean in the bass, especially at the lower price points. First of all, most widely available consumer speakers have a lot less deep bass than they seem to have: What they have is lots of mid-bass; it is easy to be fooled into thinking one is actually hearing really deep bass when all one is hearing is lots of inarticulate booming.

High-end speakers do not play that game: They reproduce what they can and don't attempt to hide their failings by skewing their frequency response.

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There are many different sorts of designs of speakers, because there are so many different ways to accomplish this task, and different sorts of speakers have different strengths and weaknesses.

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