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While he was discussing his research on 1980s laws that banned bathhouses and other places gay men frequented for sex, another man interjected.

There was one such institution that still existed in Minneapolis, he told Mehring. Mehring insisted it was impossible that such a place could operate under the radar of a government as squeaky clean as Minneapolis’. More apt to homework than groundwork, Mehring put off going to see the Warehouse for as long as he could.

Mehring found out that the Warehouse operated in a commercial building with established weekly hours, and that Delage asked for donations — factors that Mehring thought qualified it as an unlicensed business.

He learned that condoms, though abundantly available, were not mandatory as they were in San Francisco’s commercial sex clubs.

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Others are small-town guys from across the Midwest who have never known what it’s like to be part of a gay community.

Instead, he investigated everything he could about it through conversations with other gay men, Freedom of Information Act requests, and internet reviews, which described the place interchangeably as a bathhouse and a sex club.

He never approached Delage directly, though by and by, he formed his judgement of the man, his politics, and his work.

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