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There is reason to believe that the relationship between Cerqueira and Landry has been troubled for a while.

In fact, in March 2017 the police were investigating Landry for possible battery following a domestic violence incident, but Cerqueira refuted the claims that Landry hit her.

She also stressed that she believed Landry would never harm her in any way and made a plea to the media to refrain from spreading any story otherwise.

According to her profile, Cerqueira’s ethnicity is Middle Eastern.

She then worked as a sales and marketing coordinator at the 12.31 Club for more than a year, and more recently she was the office/data generation manager at the Altitude Group in Florida.

Troy Landry’s brother Guy Landry is also part of the Swamp People reality show on the History Channel.

For the last five generations, the Landrys have been involved in hunting, fishing and trappings; the two brothers have only taken the family tradition ahead through the show.

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