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For more information, see What is an Azure SQL Database server.For a discussion of tempdb in the context of Azure SQL Database, see tempdb Database in Azure SQL Database.The query optimizer uses them to create query plans that improve query performance.If you have AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS option turned on for the database the query optimizer will automatically determine when statistics might be out-of-date and then update them when they are used by a query.This should be run against all databases in which the ‘SDE’ user needs access to manage the database.

Use the following T-SQL Command to update the statistics for an index All you need is simply set Sql Bak maintenance job.System objects are physically persisted in the Resource database, but they logically appear in the sys schema of every database.Important For Azure SQL Database single databases and elastic pools, only master Database and tempdb Database apply.For example, SQL Server sometimes has to change the system tables in new versions of SQL Server to support new functionality that is being added in that version.Applications issuing SELECT statements that directly reference system tables are frequently dependent on the old format of the system tables.

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You can do it in the following way: Go to your “Dashboard” page and click “Add new job” then select “Add maintenance job” Select the computer that you need to work with and check the SQL Server connection.

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