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(cute Editor from cutesoft) I also have a Treeview that dynamically populates my website structure.

I placed this treeview in a custom control (populate Tree View.ascx) and placed it on the edit page.

You can enable notifications by calling methods of the Sql Cache Dependency Admin class or by using the command-line tool.

In addition, the proper configuration settings must be included in the application's Web.config file.

NET 2.0 Web App - Sql Cache Dependency is not invalidated and I see an error sql log that occurs after the specified table changes: 2006-09-22 .84 spid21s The query notification dialog on conversation handle '.' closed due to the following error: ''.

The Host File Change Monitor is use to track the state of a file, and Sql Change Monitor for a database.The sqldependency has never worked, it is not a stability issue as described in kb916002.In a trace I can see the sqldependency starts correctly.Using a object with SQL Server 2005 query notification does not require any explicit configuration.Consult the SQL Server 2005 Books Online for information about restrictions on the types of Transact-SQL queries that are allowed when using query notification.

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When you click on a html file in the treeview (inside the custom control) I check if the file exists.

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