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The trigger-backed cache invalidator was also written in ruby, and knew from rails/cache-money what key(s) needed to be invalidated when it got a notification.

IIRC you didn't need to do anything special when you added a new cache key (e.g.

This approach works well when you want to cache data from an existing integration database and don't have the luxury of rearchitecting the whole thing.This might or might not be a problem for you (it won't if you have exactly one job using LISTEN, it will if every one of your frontend connection uses LISTEN).Second, it's my experience that you will never be able to correctly deal with caches if you are trying to clean them.That’s the lot - now we can manually invalidate our slow resource whenever and from wherever we want, and our users can enjoy speedy cached resources the rest of the time!A couple of notes: First, be mindful that postgres connections are comparably expensive memory-wise and a connection where you use LISTEN on can't be used for anything else.

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