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As we pass along, we shall see that they were a practical people, and possessed of energy equal to the emergencies incident to pioneer life ; and that they began the settlement as men who could forecast what a substantial and prosperous community would require.The whole trend of their conduct is indica- 30 HISTORY OF SUDBUBY.

About 1642 he moved to Portsmouth, of which he was repre- sentative some years, and from thence went to Saco. Walter Haynes (Hayne or Haine) came to America from England on the ship " Confidence," in 1638. 33 ship's passenger-list.) He was a freeman May 13, 1641.

They were Puritans both in theory and practice ; and afar from the conveniences and luxuries of their native land, sought in a new country a home remote from ecclesiastical and political strife.

They embarked for America at a time when England was in an unsettled condi- tion, and when ship after ship was bringing to these shores some of her purest and stanchest citizens.

In connection with the names of the settlers, it is appropri- ate to state something of their character.

In attempting this, perhaps we can do no better than to say that they fitly represented the noble element that came to the New England shores at that period.

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