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Accounting for inflation, that figure is now closer to 35 per year.

If that figure doesn’t shock you, maybe this will: By the time a woman turns 29 (like me), she’ll have spent an estimated ,203 on the pink tax alone!

Though it’s cheekily referred to as the “pink tax”, the additional cost women incur for personal-care products, toys, clothing, dry cleaning, health care, mortgages, and vehicle maintenance is no joking matter. municipality — Miami-Dade County — has banned this practice.

It inflates our budgets, limits our ability to save, and sometimes hinders our ability to access affordable and safe sources of credit. California enacted a similar restriction in 1995, but it applies only to the pricing of services. On top of the pink tax, women still earn less than their male counterparts.

It’s not just retailers though that pass along costs onto female consumers, for really no other reason than to boost their own bottom line.

It’s also service providers like dry cleaners and car repair shops that are guilty of charging women more than men.

They found women pay about 00 more each year for the same services as men.

Mc Gee’s male friend was charged just .25, while Mc Gee had been charged to dry-clean the same top.

While it’s illegal for your gender to play a role in determining your mortgage rate, there’s a slew of studies showing women pay higher mortgage rates than men in relation to their risk of defaulting.

The gender-based price difference is even more blatant when it comes to adult clothing.

Women’s clothing costs more than men’s clothing in six of seven categories!

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