Taylor kitsch and connie britton dating

I'm sure he could find some pretty, shallow, ambitious girl to put up with his shit, but he doesn't seem interested in that.

I think he wants "He out-kicked his coverage" on his tombstone.

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Also, this is the second gay character Kitsch has portrayed on HBO following his role in The Normal Heart.

That's somewhat unusual for an actor of questionable sexuality; but he is Canadian so it might mean nothing.

I get the impression that your average soldier deployed to Afghanistan does a better job of keeping in touch with the special someone back home than Kitsch does when he's working.He's not out, but he's being "supportive" through his acting.Agreed, R50 & R51, and it's also the sort of line or sentiment actually 100% gay & lying actors put around about themselves to aim for plausible deniability: "I have no issue with people being gay, some of my friends are gay, if I were gay, I would say so."I've noticed on DL if an actor's relationships aren't publicized, they are deemed as having no "known relationships." Please...This was years ago, so not sure if this is the same woman.Taylor Kitsch with short hair and girlfriend with Connie Britton at Annual African Children’s Choir Gala|Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update Lainey Gossip|Taylor Kitsch with short hair and girlfriend with Connie Britton at Annual African Children’s Choir Gala his dating his co-star is just a PR move to drum up more eyeballs for TD.

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Just like how the 2 main co-stars are supposedly dating on The Americans, so fake.

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