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It was Cuba weather in Iceland those 12 million years.Average temperature in July (the warmest month of the year) was about 23 degrees celsius, lava field, forest, no glaciers, no valleys, no table mountain, flat lava fields with central volcanoes, calderas and possibly some shield volcanoes. so far the Ice Age has been divided into 30 cold periods and 30 warm periods.When the eruptions manage up through the ice so the water did not manage to it the magma then lavas was running on top and over the glacier. The table mountain Herdubreid in north east Iceland was formed in eruption some 15-20.000 years ago.During the colder periods of the Ice Age all valleys and fjords in Iceland was made by the erosion of the glaciers.The term ultima Thule in medieval geographies denotes any distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world".

It was possible to hike from Scotland to Greenland over the basalt lavas formed with endlessly eruption over the hot spot and where Iceland is now.About 100 million years ago The volcanic plume under Iceland was formed.Because that the Atlantic mid ocean ridge (and the ocean itself) was being formed.An extended discussion on Iceland's history and prehistory until the present time.The land's geological, historical, social and political background for a better understanding of today's reality.

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