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Companies that send short and straightforward notifications or alerts are perceived as professional and trustworthy.

Even if you choose to customise the following templates, make sure you include relevant information such as a delivery address and estimated time of arrival (if necessary), company name, and a phone number.1.

With these things in mind, we have created a list of ready-to-use text message templates for small businesses.

The marketing and promotional SMS templates listed below work because they are attention grabbers, they use powerful calls to action, they create a sense of urgency, and they share information in a clear and concise manner.

Feel free to experiment with the wording of your messages, monitor their performance and tweak them based on your audience’s response.1.

Sales Three out of ten people can’t tell you what day of the week it is, let alone remember any of their appointments, so you have to give them a friendly nudge.

Your most important mission with text messaging is to frame communication in a manner that persuades customers to take action.

In a recent post, Neil Patel mentioned that simply slapping a few common call-to-action triggers in an email or SMS won’t cut it, because the perfect call to action has to resonate with the audience and create a sense of urgency (example: words like ‘today’ and ‘now’).

Keep your messages sweet and simple, add powerful calls to action (examples: contact us, discount, call back, etc.), and try to create a sense of urgency.

Even if you’re dealing with delayed payments, you have to follow the Most people check their bank accounts on a daily basis.

We are often asked what makes a brilliant text message.

There is no right answer to this as there is no such thing as a size that fits all, but there are SMS templates that have proven to be effective for businesses.

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