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An independent third branch is represented by the Kafiri or Nuristani of N. However, the use of the word rya or Aryan to designate the speakers of all Indo-European (IE) languages or as the designation of a particular "race" is an aberration of manywriters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and should be avoided.

Nowadays this well-reconstructedlanguage is usually called Indo-Iranian (IIr.), while its Indic branch is called (Old) Indo-Aryan (IA). The IE languages (which, confusingly, sometimes werealso called '' Aryan'') included, in ancient times, the vast group of tongues from Old Icelandicto Tocharian (in Xinjiang, China), from Old Prussian (Baltic) to Old Greek and Hittite, andfrom Old Irish and Latin to Vedic Sanskrit.

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At least from Neolithic1 On this question see now Witzel 2000; see below 9, end. 4times onwards, language had little to do with "race"; language alsc cuts across ethnic groupsand cultures,2 and had little to do with ancient states or with nationhood, as the use of Aramaic in the Persian empire, Latin in Medieval Europe and Persian in much of the Near East and in medieval India may indicate.It is well known webmasters care about W3 Validator and fortunately W3 didn't find any error and warning on It is important for every website to open quick and be smooth while surfing. to designate the speakers ofmost Northern Indian as well as of all Iranian languages and to indicate the reconstructedlanguage underlying both Old Iranian and Vedic Sanskrit. branch of the Eastern (or Satem) group ofthe Indo-Euroepan (IE) languages which differs from the phonetically more conservativewestern IE by a number of inncvaticns. The '' Aryan Invasion'' and the "Out of India" theories LANGUAGE12. Linguists have used the term rva from early on in the 19th cent.

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