They are killing the japanese and intimidating us

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The Enemy Airmen's Act was a law passed by Imperial Japan on 13 August 1942 which stated that Allied airmen participating in bombing raids against Japanese-held territory would be treated as "violators of the law of war" and subject to trial and punishment if captured by Japanese forces.

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However, the Japanese did not produce sufficient evidence against them.

Worse, the eight airmen were forbidden to give any defense and nonetheless found guilty of "bombing, strafing, and otherwise attacking of civilians with the objective of cowing, intimidating, killing or maiming them" and sentenced to death.

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The Enemy Airmen's Act contributed to the deaths of untold numbers of Allied airmen throughout the Pacific War.

The first victims to be put on trial under the act were the Doolittle raiders captured by the Japanese in China in April 1942.

They were put on trial on 28 August in Tokyo and charged with allegedly strafing Japanese civilians during the 18 April raid.

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