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Most updates start as available system updates, but if you don’t perform the update while it’s in the available state, you’ll be forced to do so when it switches to mandatory.

During the mandatory state, you’ll receive a notice that there’s a system update available.

You’ll have only a few options from this screen: You‘ll see this screen because mandatory updates require you to download and install the latest update in order to connect to Xbox Live.

If you’re using a wired internet connection and you don’t want to perform the system update, you can select Turn off Xbox.

While online, you'll be asked to enter your Microsoft account password for each profile on the console to complete sign-in.

If you don't remember the password for your account, see the Lost Password Solution. If you can’t connect to Xbox Live, see the Xbox One First-Time Connection Solution.

System updates help improve your experience with the addition of new features as well as improvement of existing features.Each night, if your console is set to receive automatic updates, it will check to see whether any updates are available.By default, these updates will be downloaded and installed when the console isn’t being used.As I just mentioned, you can't ever cast it, so drawing it later makes it a skipped draw step.Savvy Bridgevine opponents could anticipate it and sideboard accordingly, and it essentially forced you into mulliganing for it, as it is what you essentially signed up for by putting four copies in your sideboard.

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