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Sadly you are going to need something to patch, and for that you are on your own.Google is however your best friend Here is the first boss. I am going to play it through and write a review with some actual detail when I have finished it.On our final night - we had a testimony meeting that lasted about 2.5 hours...except for 2 leaders - the rest of the time was used by youth.It was daunting to say the least- many of the girls were worried that they might not make it.I pulled my girls aside and said a prayer to Heavenly Father that we would be strong and that we would be able to do hard things. My dear friend Wendy pulled the women together, she had made a sign that said "angels among us" and two of our YW with some physical challenges carried this sign up the hill in front of the 1st handcart.Before we started, the sweet violin music of one of my dearest friends rang through the air - she was playing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".

It was such a sweet feeling, and so representative of the women in the church - always rushing to help another.During this 14 mile day, at any given time, we had 2-3 people in our handcart.To me, on this difficult, long and hot day – it was a miracle that we could keep up and keep pace with the other families- but the most touching part of this story for Kenyon and I came at the end of this long day.We stopped for a drink and tried to figure out what to do about her shoes so that she could keep walking..Bo – one of our son’s said “put her in the wagon” so we did.

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Shortly after the missionaries spoke – Brother Dallimore asked the following 4 boys to please stand (George W. They were on a mission from the Lord and were prepared to sacrifice their own lives to ensure that they brought as many saints to the valley as they could carry.

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