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Hi All, I'm looking for a Standalone Div X player (similar to a regular DVD player in setup/size etc).it can play DVDs, VCD, SVCDs but the main thing I'm looking for is a standalone unit to stick under the TV.

With one easy step, you can download and upload videos from cloud storage within Div X Software.Before any of you say 'get a xbox and chip it with XBMP'..I've already done that but in reality it doesn't work too well because my Div X collection is all burned on CDR which the XBox will not read. Thanks You could always try one of these: Slim DVD Drive in a DVD player sized case, video out, 120MB HDD, and Video Capture to be a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Timeshifting, Instant replay, etc etc etc...silly boys , you dont have to , just stream the cd rom of your pc and wholaa , you can just pop a cd of your into it and play it on the xbox instantly , smooth as ever , no need to have them on your hdd at all then either use that or chuck it away and make a custom box with the power supply supplied in the case...) Crazy folks, but small psu's are hard to find and very expensive.And typically these guys are not short on cash any how.

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Use a video player that does more than just ‘play’.

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