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If you’re growing tired of an old piece of furniture, take a moment to consider an easy DIY makeover before hauling it out to the curb.

Check out these easy, budget-friendly ways to update old furniture, so that you can breathe new life and character into worn-out pieces—and fall in love with them all over again.

Instead of going for plain contact paper or fabric, consider strips of burlap or repurposed coffee sacks to cover your old piece.

Unconventional Cover To get an interesting look without paint, cover cabinet doors or drawers with an alternative material.

Update the Hardware Maybe the only thing getting you down about your piece is the outdated hardware that clashes with your style.

Try replacing the hardware with a store-bought substitute, or DIY your own one-of-a-kind knob or drawer pull.

Before those makeovers could happen, we worked a couple of days getting all the furniture painted for both of these spaces and that’s a job right there. This took us about 6 hours at least to get all of this done one sunny afternoon at my parents house. This is my old drum table, that you already saw in the room, but it was a brown wood with leather top when we started painting it.

We used Annie Sloan chalk paint and also ended up spray painting the baby bed after we realized how ridiculously long it was going to take us to paint all those spindles on that bed. Country Grey is not named very well, in my opinion. We decided to meet over there and my sister brought this all over in her truck and we all hung out together, painting. It was an antique store find of mine many years ago and I wasn’t using it right now, so passed it onto my sister. And this is the other side table you saw in my sister’s guestroom, a cheap Target table that she found on Craigslist.

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