Updating sql database in asp net

In a real-world scenario, you should be validating any data that is passed in to the server. In this case, it is an instance of the column is an auto-incremented identity column.

That means the primary key is generated by the database when the row is inserted.

In this example we will connect to an existing SQL Server Compact database. If no file is found, it looks for a "connection string" in the application's Web.config file.

In order to complete this lab you will need the Azure Dev Ops Server 2019 virtual machine provided by Microsoft.

Open the class and add these supports inside the It tells that all the Views will have the Layout from the _Layout.cshtml file which is located inside the Shared folder. You can confirm the record is inserted in the Teacher’s table.

You must have SQL Server 2017 (any edition) installed in your PC. For this go to the ‘We will create the Update and Delete Functionality in the next sections.

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