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The 360 stores its files as disc images - whatever the Xbox version of an ISO may be. That means that installation times are basically the same for any given amount of data, and deletion is virtually instant (as just one file is being erased from the table of contents).

PS3 on the other hand uses variable installation techniques depending on the developer - the reason Devil May Cry 4 takes so long to install is that it's copying across multiple files rather than just one sustained write. But the real question for 360 owners is: just how much of an impact does the optional install make? The methodology for the tests was remarkably straightforward - my workhorse Xbox 360 Elite ran a carefully selected range of ten top games, first from DVD, then from hard disk.

Be sure to check the usb cable to the drive and its connections, and if you are using a different cable try swapping back the original to test with.

To verify the connection try playing a DVD: if that doesn't work either then it must be a connection issue. If that works then something is probably up with the disc, so try cleaning the disc.

The measurements below speak for themselves; on all of the major Half-Life 2 games, loading times are often twice as fast, while the lighter content additions to the Orange Box feature far fewer benefits.

The Orange Box goes about its business in a decidedly old-skool manner.

In addition, a newer improved party system enables up to 8 players of different games or similar, if you so choose, to chat and interact.

That said, we've always been fan of the optional installs found in PS3 games like Ridge Racer 7, Virtua Fighter 5, and more recently, Disney's excellent Pure.

You've still got that instant accessibility that is a fundamental part of console gaming, but if you want your games to load faster, and you're willing to deal with the hassles of deleting content to let your new games run, the option is there.

The Xbox player is pretty good at recovering from read errors once the movie starts, but read errors in critical areas of the disc used to start it up will cause this error.

If the movie starts up then dies with an error blade, note the error code (which is an 8-digit hex number). Error codes are caused by either bugs in the content on the disc, or by bugs in the player software itself.

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Gears 2 is therefore multiplexing video and audio data with the maps in one file streamed off the hard disk.

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