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If you wait until the end of the project to get an acceptance and if there are any disputes in the deliverables, it will be hard to do rework and revise the deliverable accordingly.Therefore, deliverables of a project must be shown to the customer frequently and acceptance must be acquired.

Requirements Traceability Matrix is an input to validate scope process to show that requirements were achieved the validated deliverable.

Scope baseline refers the last scope of a project agreed by all project stakeholders.

Validate scope process checks whether a deliverable meets its agreed requirements against the approved scope.

Certification is considered worldwide as the gold standard for project management certification.

One needs to do a lot of hard work in order to acquire one, which includes specialized formal training and several thousand hours of practical experience in order to pass a rigorous certification exam.

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If you like to have a brief introduction to scope management you might also consider enrolling in an online free PMP training.

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