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Steam is a Gaming Store Platform that provides the users with almost all the latest games as soon as they are released to be digitally downloaded.

I know on some other games I have tried it on, steam will end up downloading some files, but apparently not all files are included in this.Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem we will move on towards the solutions.Make sure to implement these solutions in the specific order in which they are provided to avoid any conflicts. Is there a way to make Origins recognize the game files in this situation? Choose Application Settings, then the Installs & Saves tab. Origin will also check this area for existing installs when it restarts, so if you point this install location to your game backup it should detect it when you restart. I installed NFSPB on an external HDD, and later it's letter changed and now I can't play the game, it says that it doesn't find it and that I need to dl it once again and it's too much! @Osama Itachi Hey, in a case like this open the Origin app, then click "Origin" in the top left of the page.

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it does have its pros and * but with out doing your own research on it you cannot really take someone elses word weather it will work for you or notanyways HAPPY GAMING please enter administrator tool , and change external to a dedicate letter so it dont jump around then other unit has take the letter in old days we had network driver letter as X but i recommend you use "U" for USB that letter make reconfigurate in Client settings to right drev/path to alreayd installed path of the Origin and things that ever can screw this up if you use that letter U to other device then its usb external is not attached.

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