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All data manipulations call accordant controller methods.By default grid has an empty controller and can work with static array of items stored in option Asynchronous controller methods should return a Promise, resolved once the request is completed.Can't quite find the correct answer with a simple Google search?Then this tumblr page might just be the answer to your prayers!The function accepts a single argument with the following structure: Control field renders delete and editing buttons in data row, search and add buttons in filter and inserting row accordingly. Returns j Query promise resolved when update is completed.It also renders button switching between filtering and searching in header row. The value should be in range from 1 to [total amount of pages]. item|$row|row Node is the reference to the item or the row j Query Element or the row Dom Node.By default all violated validators messages are alerted.The behavior can be customized by providing custom function. If // sorting grid by first field $("#grid")Grid("sort", 0); // sorting grid by field "Name" in descending order $("#grid")Grid("sort", ); // sorting grid by my Field in ascending order $("#grid")Grid("sort", my Field, "asc").done(function() ); Updates item and row of the grid.

A boolean value specifies whether sorting is allowed.I'm just an otaku with a love for dating sims and an obsession with totally conquering them all.Once I achieve bishounen or bishoujo victories, I'll post them here for your benefit.By default Direct Loading Strategy resets the grid (resets the paging and sorting) when an item is deleted.The following example shows how to create a custom strategy to avoid grid reset on deletion of an item.

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Custom properties: // retrieve grid instance from element data var grid = $("#grid").data("JSGrid"); // create grid with the constructor var grid = new js Grid. edited Item is the changed item to pass to // update currently editing row $("#grid")Grid("update Item"); // update currently editing row with specified data $("#grid")Grid("update Item", ); // update specified item with particular data (row Dom Node or row j Query Element can be used instead of item reference) $("#grid")Grid("update Item", item, ).done(function() ); Set current locale of all grids.

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