Validating server migration

Note: I meant it when I said, “and what other files the data links to.” On first glance, this may appear to be just innocuous advice.

But in the real world, this has actually been one of the “gotchas” that many IT pros have failed to account for, sometimes to their embarrassment.

This will speed up the migration process by lightening the load of data that will need transferring.

It begins with understanding the need for data migration, creating a data migration project plan template, executing the project, and then conducting a data migration review.

Then try manually adding the rule in the Destination.

It should not work, and Outlook or OWA will explain why, and what needs to be changed.3.

If you’re transferring data over a network, it’s important to have the most bandwidth you can.

Check for firewalls that might delay data transfer.

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• The organization splits into two or more organizations or units, each with a new name and requiring new file paths and filenames.

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