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The rest belong to other churches, mainly the Protestant church.The music is a part of Venezuela's heritage, art, and culture.The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra has realized excellent presentations in many European concert halls, notably at the 2007 Proms One of the major festivals in Venezuela is the celebration of Corpus Christi where masks and uniforms of Dancing Devils, which are now almost world-famous are dancing at the streets.The tradition dates back to Spanish colonization which established deep roots and identity in Venezuela where many traditional events are made such as the celebration of Corpus Christi.The Zulian gaita is also a popular style, generally performed during Christmas. Teresa Carreño was a world-famous 19th-century piano virtuoso.

Venezuela is well known for its successes in beauty pageants.

Lee describes eros as a passionate physical and emotional love of wanting to satisfy, create sexual contentment, security and aesthetic enjoyment for each other, it also includes creating sexual security for the other by striving to forsake options of sharing one's intimate and sexual self with outsiders.

It is a highly sensual, intense, passionate style of love.

All sorts of different buildings represent the country's varied past.

Venezuelan literature originated soon after the Spanish conquest of the mostly pre-literate indigenous societies; it was dominated by Spanish influences.

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