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I'm extremelly worried now, though, that this could be a sting of some kind and that I could be in some sort of trouble for not having IMMEDIATELy gotten off. It makes me so uncomfortable because I felt like I came across this person completely beyond my control and was really confronted with, let's be honest, exactly what people are looking for on there without ever having the chance to evaluate the situation.

Frankly I was caught so offguard and was so "mid-moment" that it took me a moment or two (under a minute) to think. I hope it's just a lesson learned, albeit a very scary one, as I ran across the situation and then wasn't making any real move to continue it, was just caught off-guard (caught literally midway) and jarred in getting out of there..

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So I'm freaking out as I was just (like I'm sure a million posters on here) on omegle.

Upon further thinking about it, it seems to me like it'd be pretty unbelievable for a sting of some kind to throw you in unknowingly like that without having asked for anything at all..

but it's a line of thinking I just don't ever want to have to be doing to begin with, y'know.

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