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One user on Reddit said, “Gold Bali has a smidge more of energy compared to red Bali, for me.”Another user wrote, “For me Gold Bali is less sedating but more euphoric and Red Bali is more sedating and less euphoric.This is just my opinion of personal experience though.

The relaxation of Red Bali is present in Gold Bali in a big way and those who take moderate doses have reported feeling calm, pleasant and rested.

However, it is important to note that these deaths also involved either use of additional drugs or preexisting medical conditions.

Reactions to the two have been mixed as is to be expected with just about any kratom strain.

The Bali strain differs from other strains in that the percentage and quantity of these alkaloids is far more abundant than they are in others.

So, is Red the best or, as the name would suggest, is Gold Bali the gold standard? Like I just said, Red Bali is known to have higher levels of kratom’s active alkaloids than other red vein kratom varieties.

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