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I saw her years in a Broadway production of Shaw's "Heartbreak House", and she was excellent, more than holding her own with such theater luminaries as Rex Harrison, Rosemary Harris, Dana Ivey and Philip Bosco.Wasn't the rumor that her marriage to Spielberg (which was before his marriage to Capshaw) ended when Irving had an affair with Ben Cross?I think Irving and Spielberg realized they got married for the wrong reasons.Rumor is Spielberg started hooking up with Capshaw again when he knew his marriage was failing and he and Irving finally agreed on a divorce.I think Irving got pregnant and they decided to get married.

R82 given DL you might be joking, but I saw it when I was 8 I think and I thought it was hi-larious.The jury was supposedly in awe of the Hollywood big shot and let him off. She is on her third husband, a documentary guy named Kenneth Bowser. I think if I remember correctly, Capshaw broke up with him more than the other way around.' I remember him giggling and smiling when he was acquitted. There's an interview out there where Bruno Barretto references how "losing her was very hard for me" or something like that. Photos of Bowser from about 2008 are very good-looking. During one of their off periods, he met Irving again after their last break-up and reconnected.He wanted a starlet who would give up her "acting career" to be his wifey-poo/momsy-poo and give HIM the adoring regard . Spielberg flew to the UK to avoid any legal problems. I saw Irving in the Lincoln Center production of Stoppard's COAST OF UTOPIA and thought she was very good in it.Amy knows it all, including the other stuff.[quote] Spielberg flew to the UK to avoid any legal problems How long did he stay? John Landis acted like such a dick during that whole thing. I've read about Spielberg's complicated relationships with Amy Irving and Kate Capshaw. For some reason, they couldn't ever seem to work it out in the 1980s.

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before r1supposedly was really dismissive of him as a geek even while they were dating. A thread started by an internet troll farm is probably not going to affect her.

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