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“Isabel understands my need to feel Florentine, or Renaissance, or New York modernist,” Ms. The two women met at the Mudd Club in 1980, where Ms.Mazar had added two years to her age so she could get a gig working the door.Mazar gives her a makeover to help her compete in the job market.Off the set, she is candid about her dermatologic beauty secrets. “I’ve tried Botox, and it looked really nice, but I felt like I looked unhappy; my children base what’s happening in my mind on my facial expression.”Her clothes on set, which tend to be revealing but slightly slouchy, are chosen with the help of the show’s costume designer, Patricia Field.Mazar, who grew up in Queens, explaining that her short hair then was inspired by her Latvian father.“When he died, I did his makeup and hair because they embalmed him too much.”Ms.“Playing a lesbian isn’t about turning her into a stereotype in bulky jeans,” Ms. “I’m kind of glad I’m not, because I don’t like wearing jeans anyway.I prefer to dress like my version of Anna Magnanni as a Sicilian widow or Monica Vitti or Gina Lollobrigida. Mazar walked toward a dressing room, there was a definite swivel to her gait that recalled these Italian bombshells, as well as Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like It Hot.”“My grandmother used to walk down the street and you’d hear her heels clicking,” she said.

In “Younger,” playing the 40-year-old lesbian best friend of Sutton Foster’s character, Ms.

I was so laced into those corseted outfits I couldn’t sit down.”She could sit easily in Ms. A hat gives me the freedom to not do my hair.”Transported to the No Mad hotel in a TV Land car though it was only a few blocks away, the hats stashed in enormous paper bags, Ms.

Toledo’s creations, but there wasn’t time: She had to make a trip to J. Hat Center on Fifth Avenue, where two large-brim custom-made hats were waiting for her.“This one is a little bit of an old-time gangster hat with a little feeling of Marlene Dietrich,” said Ms. “I won’t wear a hat to a premiere, and ‘Goodfellas’ wouldn’t be the right place for this — I wasn’t a gangster, I was a drug addict. Mazar swished to the library and ordered carrot tartare and a chicken burger.

“ ‘No part too small’ — that was one of her lines.”But though Ms.

Mazar tends to play supporting roles, her look is always distinguished.

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