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When WWE bought WCW one of the few people that stayed long after the transition was Wilson, including do two Playboy covers while with the company.She's no longer with the company and it feels like Emma never really reached her full potential after seeing both her skills and character work while down with NXT.She started as a dancer on the WWE's reboot of ECW and had a nice run in the WWE, which was followed with a spot on the E! There's always rumors of a return since she's still young. At one point, she seemed poised to be the diva of the new age for the WWE, but there was one little hitch.She really couldn't wrestle and sucked on a microphone.There was no guessing where these females' allegiances stood. Nobody is going to argue that women's wrestling isn't 100 times better these days when it comes to the technical side of things, but the ladies are kept firmly away from the men most of the time as if they are living in two different worlds. In real life, men and women mix in the workplace and we think it should happen on WWE screens, too.

We have a feeling there's a Wrestle Mania moment in her near future. With her rough relationship with the Mc Mahon family and fact she did porn, we still wonder if we'll ever see in the Hall of Fame. Paul Heyman once said she thought that Beth Phoenix would go down as the greatest women's wrestler of all-time.She was part of the era of women who transitioned from the model-like divas of the Attitude Era to the women wrestlers of today. She was the winner of one of the first diva search competitions, but fared better than most and didn't have to take off her clothes for Playboy.After the end of her tag team with Michelle Mc Cool, her career really dropped fast.But she looked great and for these purposes, that's all you really need to know.If you want to marry into a wrestling family, this is the one.

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