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On one of the posts, 6ix9ine commented, “You still love me after I got beat up?

:/”Clearly, not even a near-death experience could stop 6ix89ine from aiming flirtatious posts as the rap goddess! )Minaj responded to his comment and said, “True love lasts forever.”Although some fans would love for the two rappers to get together, that’s not the case right now.

Until then, fans continue to tease 6ix9ine for his lame flirting attempt…Tekashi69’s relationship status is still a mystery to his fans.

He was recently linked to Cuban Doll after they were spotted together in Hawaii on his birthday.

It all started when Minaj posted a video on her Instagram to promote "Big Bank," her new single with 2 Chainz, Big Sean and YG. " Without going into detail, Minaj replied, "Yes." Curiously, the 35-year-old rapper name-drops the 45-year-old rapper in her new song.

You're fucking disgusting pic.twitter.com/8rw Kmy PRMo — allygator (@nauseousmonster) December 10, 2018 Nicki Minaj:• bailed out her rapist & pedophile brother who was accused of raping an 11 y.o girl.• collaborated & still supports 6ix9ine, a racist & convicted pedophile.• is currently dating a convicted murderer & rapist who went to jail for years. pic.twitter.com/Brj6Zzlug I — 🍒 (@ROLUXES) December 10, 2018 I have fought, defended and stood by Nicki Minaj for so long. (At the time, Minaj confessed she "might make an exception" in Nas' case.) "I'm just chillin' right now. "Dating's just not where I'm at lately." So, Eminem would frequent strip clubs to meet "some chicks." At one point, he tried out Tinder. Nicki Minaj has come under fire after making her new registered sex offender boyfriend Kenneth “Zoo” Petty IG official on Monday. It’s ok to say that’s wrong and I’m still going to support. However, Nas and Minaj reportedly broke up in January this year. Nicki Minaj surprised fans this morning by revealing she's dating another hip-hop heavyweight: Eminem.

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