Who is tito ortiz dating now

Later this month, Tito will aim to end his long-running feud with Chael Sonnen when the two face off the first time in their careers.

The two UFC legends have traded insults ever since the bout was announced.

October 11th, 2014 Huntington Beach, CA- Mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz runs the steps at Huntington Beach high school during a fifteen minute cardio workout.

But she didn’t talk about it as much back when she and Bitton first got engaged. When Jenna and Ortiz broke up, things got ugly, and he was granted full custody of their twin boys.

(In a 2013 interview, Ortiz told Larry King that Jenna needs to "pass some tests" before she can see their sons.

The life he led in pursuit of stardom (a wild childhood marked by stealing, drinking, glue-sniffing, stints in juvenile hall and a complete lack of guidance from his hippie, drug- addicted parents) and the one he led during the peak of his stardom (a whirlwind of lavish parties with his adult film star ex-girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, fast cars, adoring women, pot and more drinking) are a galaxy away from his current world.

This Tito Ortiz — who makes yogurt faces, picks Disney movie nights over Las Vegas parties, seldom drinks, and has kicked his pot habit — is a father first, then a shrewd businessman and an aging MMA fighter who’s trying to breathe new life into his career.

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