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Student loan consolidation isn’t for everyone, though.If the term of the loan is simply extended, it could end up costing you more over time.The result is lower monthly payments, which frees up extra money to repay more student loan debt, save or invest.Student loan refinancing could save you more than ,000 over the life of your student loans.If you want to refinance your student loans but are not sure if you will get approved, here are the inside tips that you need to know.Refinancing your student loans allows you to consolidate your existing private and federal student loans into a new, single student loan with a lower interest rate.

Insider Tip: Ask for a raise, negotiate a higher bonus or seek a side hustle. Get a qualified co-signer Ask your spouse, parent, grandparent or someone else close to you to act as a co-signer for your student loans.

Examine your pay stubs and identify your after-tax monthly income.

When you subtract your proposed monthly student loan payments, does a sufficient amount remain for other essential living expenses? Other Debt Your other consumer debt such as mortgage, credit card or auto debt will influence underwriting your student loan.

is a way of bundling student loan debt with one or more existing loans to create a single new loan.

Because it’s all been put into one loan, consolidation allows borrowers to pay one bill each month, instead of trying to keep track of several separate payments.

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