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I speak specifically in regards to heterosexual sex culture from my perspective.

Love, dating, hooking up and everything else that encompasses the college dating and hookup culture is a complicated mess.

Why even have a gf if to you're going to do things like that?

Latinx and Hispanic women are often associated with a palatable level of sassiness that can be linked to “wifey material.” These “gateways” associated with other women allow for their values to be linked to traits other than their bodies.

C) does she deserve the extreme lack of respect I show her by being on dating sites and all the lies I tell her….

D) if the roles were reversed, how would I feel if I caught her doing the same thing, multiple times…….

It’s basically a game of chess in which you have to envision your opponent’s next move and then coordinate your next move accordingly.

It becomes really difficult and complicated to try to read other people’s minds, and often, being bold and direct is seen as something out of the norm.

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