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"The Clinic" was established in 1995, to help individuals with complicated, chronic and unusual health problems, to get well, in a green and peaceful environment, in a atmosphere of love and care.

We offer an individualized and intensive approach to your problems, in an integrated and holistic manner in a clean and harmonious environment which is ideal for healing.

It is based on finding out why each individual has his unique problems and then treating the cause of the problems.

This relies on the fact that if we treat the cause of a problem, the symptoms will resolve as the body heals.

At "The Clinic" we offer a unique treatment which is often the best you can find anywhere in the world, which is given with love, care and wisdom, at prices which are far lower than what it would cost in the western world.

Our approach here is geared up to help you as an individual to get well as soon as possible. My multi disciplinary, integrated approach, analyses your problems and health in detail, and helps you work out effective answers.

I conduct therapeutic yoga classes which I direct towards helping each individual to heal and strengthen his weak areas.

The group discussions are a wonderful way to understand diet, your illness and find to peace and happiness in your life.

If you are planning to take treatment as an out patient please book your appointments in advance.

For a person to fall ill and not be able to recover means that the body has been damaged to an extent that the normal recuperative mechanisms of the body have failed.

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