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Watch Andy Moore and Yad break down their entire Daygame Blueprint and deconstruct what it really takes to meet and seduce women during the day.

There are live in-field videos and step-by-step training.

Additionally, research suggests that adolescents who use pornography, especially that found on the Internet, have lower degrees of social integration, increases in conduct problems, higher levels of delinquent behavior, higher incidence of depressive symptoms, and decreased emotional bonding with caregivers.

In this Episode we talk to guest Jessica J from Level Up Seduction110| You're Not Selfish Enough to Date Quality Women - Jessica J.

The general pattern of results suggested that violent content may be an exacerbating factor Increased access to the Internet by adolescents has created unprecedented opportunities for sexual education, learning, and growth.

Conversely, the risk of harm that is evident in the literature has led researchers to investigate adolescent exposure to online pornography in an effort to elucidate these relationships.

Associations were stronger for verbal than physical sexual aggression, although both were significant.

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Dating Skills Podcast is a free weekly training program put together by Angel Donovan, chief editor of Dating Skills

Girls report feeling physically inferior to the women they view in pornographic material, while boys fear they may not be as virile or able to perform as the men in these media.

Adolescents also report that their use of pornography decreased as their self-confidence and social development increase.

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